All the feels ...
Or when life tells you to sit down + chill the f**k out
What 3 things have I been consuming lately?
And "hustling" is just gross
but there is no end to new beginnings.
& yet we have endured all that we were."
Or is fearlessness a mindset shift we struggle to grasp?
Striving to validate your existence is exhausting, FYI
“Never be afraid of not knowing, young man. Not knowing is ze practice of poets and sages.”The quote is from one of the characters in Ruth Ozeki’s “The Book of Form and Emptiness,” which I highly recommended if you enjoy unique fiction.
What's one change you've voluntarily made after living in a COVID world for 2+ years?I had a whole other newsletter planned for today, but this question has been gnawing at me, and I’m eager to read your responses. For me,
What's one book you started reading + couldn't finish?Taking a break from the bi-weekly newsletter and trying out a community-building feature here on Substack - threads.